University of veterinary medicine and pharmacy,

Komenskeho -73, Kosice


Mr. Punit Tyagi, MSc.

Asso. prof. Mangesh Bhide, PhD


How to prepare a file with transcriptomic or proteomic data for upload to OMnalysis

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Step by step user manual of OMnalysis  

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Welcome to OMnalysis

An integrated web application to explore quantitative differential omics data

OMnalysis is powered with well established and highly used R Bioconductor packages to mine faithful biological information from the differential omics data.

Upload the differential omics data upto four treatments and with few clicks see the magic!


User friendly with multiple additional options.

Currently support nine species (Human, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Mouse, Rat, Dog, Drosophila melanogaster and C.elegans).

Most upto date accession ID conversion.

Publication ready high resoltution images.


Acknowledgements: Development of software is funded by H2020-MSCA- ITN-2017- EJD: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks – Grant agreement no: 765423. RNAseq data used in the development of  OMnalysis was generated from the project funded by APVV-18-0259.

An application for IPR trademark for the name and design of OMnalysis submitted to European patenting agency via CVTI Slovakia.

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